Book Reviews

ESCalate book reviews:

Building a Sustainable Future: Challenges for Initial Teacher Training

This book reflects upon the 'Partners in Change' project carried out by three education departments in London: South Bank University, Goldsmiths University and the University of Greenwich.

Sustainability Education - Perspectives and Practice across Higher Education

Amid rising expectations on higher education a growing number of institutions are taking the lead in embracing sustainability. This book explains why this is necessary and crucially how to do it.

Get Global! A Practical Guide to Integrating the Global Dimension into the Primary Curriculum

This book is a useful tool for teachers who are required to make the connections and promote learning in and through international education.

External book reviews:

The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

In this ground-breaking book, leading sustainability educators are joined by literary critics, ecologists, artists, journalists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers in a deep reflection on the skills people need to survive and thrive in the challenging conditions of the 21st century.